A Thank You to inData Corporation

inData Corporation has had the courtesy to release their various conversion utilities (DVD Extractor Utility, MPEG Transcoder, MPEG 4 Encoding Utility, and DV-AVI to MPEG-1 and 2 Encoding Utility) as Open Source software under the GPLv2. They perhaps may have been under the impression they had to, though running as a command for mencoder, and ffmpeg being available as LGPL, does not necessitate them to.

Either way (misunderstanding, or a desire to give back), they were quite helpful and gave me no flack when the code was requested. I have made some improvements (replaced the Windows Forms folder select dialog with the much more pleasant one provided by Ookii Dialogs and enabled threading in the mencoder settings (10% speed increase for VCD, larger improvement expected for higher qualities). The plan is to unify the 4 Visual Studio projects into one and perhaps to add a quality setting (adding the “turbo” option in mencoder) added another 10%-20% speed boost, but noticeably increased “throbbing” of video artifacts).

When completed I will be post my versions to GitHub.

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