Cygwin Saves the Day (again)

A frequent problem I’ve been running into is that LiveNote offers a convenient way to export multiple transcripts, but not in a format that Sanction understand (.pfc). Fortunately this format is simple a bunch of .ptf files connected together (with some redundant header information not duplicated, which can cause a mild annoyance with TrialDirector, but Sanction tolerates it). The solution I’ve found was to run the following command:

csplit ExportedBatch.pcf '/begin=Transcript[^I]/' '{*}';

This will kick out a bunch of files, each being a functional .ptf (except for the first, which is superfluousness header info). To find a specific transcript, open all files in Notepad++ and search all open files for the name or date. Sanction does a pretty good job of reading the meta-data included, so they all can be drug in at once (this saved me from hand exporting hundreds of individual transcripts once).

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