A lot of my scripts focus on converting PDF to TIFF. The reason for this is that even though presentation software now pretty much universally supports the PDF format, it has some issues. Most software actually rasterizes the PDF, sometimes this happens in real time on fist viewing. Depending on the computer and PDF the real time conversion can dramatically degrade the display performance (increasing the time until the page the displayed). Additionally the Raster is often at a lower resolution than is actually useful (especially for monochrome images where lack of grays can really damage detail). I therefore ALWAY convert my documents to TIFF except for in the extreme case where I have less than a minute from receipt to display. Additionally, I use single page TIFFs, as first page display can be very slow on large multi-page TIFFs (this is done at the expense of network transfer time). I still use a PDF workflow until this final stage though, as it is far better until the loading into the display software.

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