Video Magnifiers


This site that receives literally no traffic receives 5 fake comments a day trying to sell Fresnel Lens “video magnifiers” . I find it odd that this is a hot product to sell by SPAM (it outnumbers the amount of fake Gucci, Rolex, and Viagra combined).

Useful FOSS Software for Trial Presentation and Preparation

A list of tools that have saved me countless hours, and allowed the completion of the “impossible” more that once. Specifically Avidemux, Audacity, and Super together have had me fix video that others after others have said it was not do-able, or would take too long. This list does not include the scripts that I have written.
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A script to name files by Bates number

This script was made because I often would receive PDFs named by their Bates range, or even just the first Bates number of the file, with gaps in numbers between the files. In these cases I wanted to be able to bring the files up in Sanction or Trial Director by typing the bates number, I did NOT want to rename each page document by document.
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A Thank You to inData Corporation

inData Corporation has had the courtesy to release their various conversion utilities (DVD Extractor Utility, MPEG Transcoder, MPEG 4 Encoding Utility, and DV-AVI to MPEG-1 and 2 Encoding Utility) as Open Source software under the GPLv2. They perhaps may have been under the impression they had to, though running as a command for mencoder, and ffmpeg being available as LGPL, does not necessitate them to.
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A script for monochrome tiffs

This script is pretty much the same as the previous script, but converts everything to monochrome (with the exception of the first page).

It’s a little less cleanly written, and ends up converting the first page twice (it does the whole document in monochrome, then deletes and replaces the first page in color to keep an exhibit label in color), so for many small documents it can be fairly inneficient, though the efficiency of the ghostscript engine, and the ability to run more than one instance at a time more than makes up for it if just a few documents are long.
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A basic (very) PDF to Tiff script I’ve developed


  • Creates a directory structure for ideal adding to Sanction/Trial Director.
  • Files converted to single page tiffs for fastest loading (especially of large documents)
  • This version maintains color (LZW compressed Tiff output), to keep up with modern discovery.
  • Designed to address weaknesses in other solutions (not litigation focused, too slow, single threaded)

Run this script by executing in a directory of PDFs, runs in Cygwin, using ghostscript to convert (a cygwin install of bash, and ghostscript should be the minimum required to run).

Developed because AdultPDF converter did not name files as I desired, could only run a single instance (this script can be run in multiple shells to take advantage of multiple CPUs). It is considerably faster than other solutions to this problem.

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Howard Dean says

(paraphrased from an interview)
Republicans, your fiscal policy resonates more with young voters, if you left social issues out of it, you’d dominate for a long time to come, as it is, you may have lost a generation.

He’s a good strategist, though not a particularly good candidate.

Interesting Things About the 2012 Election

I find it interesting that in the 2012 election VA leaned more blue than the national vote, and OH leaned red. This is going to cause some trouble going forward for Republicans as the blue leaning states now make a majority of the electoral college. Of the swing states that were actually in play (CO, OH, FL, VA, NV, NC) 5 went to Obama, and three (CO, VA, NV) favored Obama over the national vote.

NV went more blue than even PA!

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